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Books I Have Read



The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #1)

A slow start to what looks like a captivating series. The applications of theory are fun and satisfyingly taken to logical conclusions. It’s not hard sci-fi but it’s enough to make me feel smart. Alone it’s merely above average but I’m spoiled by knowing it’s the foundation of a bigger payoff.



Age of Empyre (The Legends of the First Empire, #6)

A fantastic end to one of my favorite fantasy series. It is a heroic achievement of world-building across thousands of years and seemingly as many books. There is a deluge of payoffs and there are enough tied-up threads to make a sweater. Michael J. Sullivan is one of the greats.


Kissa by Kissa

A beautiful and durable physical book, the best I have ever held and smelled. The words are precise but not precious. The photos capture the uncanny valley of seeing Japan through Western eyes. I tried to pinch-to-zoom.


Books were read for many years before this document existed.