Computer Techniques
by Kyle Hughes

Song Ranking: folklore by Taylor Swift

I have broken down all 16 songs on the album into ranked quartiles, and then attempted to rank each song within the quartile.

Here is an Apple Music playlist with the songs in this order.

Q4: Unimpeachable Classics

The best songs on this album are some of the best songs that Taylor Swift has ever made. I will listen to these songs for the rest of my life. exile may be my favorite song of all-time, a combination of my favorite artists and sounds.

This order is absolute: these four songs are exactly where they need to be.

1. exile
2. epiphany
3. the last great american dynasty
4. betty

Q3: Real Bangers

These songs are all great, and it’s always exciting when they make an appearance on Shuffle. I sing along to all of them, and in the moment I may think they deserve to be in the next tier up. I will always remember that these songs are on this album.

This order is weak, although my tears ricochet is always at the top. I can shuffle the rest based on recency bias.

5. my tears ricochet
6. the 1
7. illicit affairs
8. invisible string

Q2: Junior Varsity

All of these songs are very good, and I would enjoy seeing them on any playlist. Their common theme is surprise: when I listen to them, I am surprised that they would only fall in the lower half of songs on this album. Like junior varsity, the placement of these songs is dependent more on the songs ahead of them than these songs themselves.

I am confident in this order, although they are all very close.

9. peace
10. hoax
11. seven
12. mad woman

Q1: Forgettable

There isn’t a single song on the album that I dislike, and in the moment I would say I enjoy any of these, but I don’t remember them when they’re done. I will not remember that these songs are on this album in a year.

This order is weak, although cardigan is guaranteed to be last.

13. august
14. mirrorball
15. this is me trying
16. cardigan