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Super Headache Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information that I, Kyle Hughes, may receive from Super Headache users and how that information is handled.

What I want, what’s most important to me, is:

I don’t want any private information and I don’t need any private information.

I don’t make any money from this app.

Much of this policy was proudly copied or closely mimicked from the NetNewsWire Privacy Policy.


App launches and other high-level actions are recorded to my in-house telemetry service.

All data is anonymized and viewed in aggregate. The data is used to make sure that the app is behaving normally in the field. For example, I want to know if I release an update that prevents users from saving headaches.

No data is shared with third-parties.

Crash Logs

If you opt in to send crash logs to developers on iOS, both Apple and I will have copies of your crash logs.

Crash logs are created and stored by Apple, and I access them through Apple’s provided tools: App Store Connect and Xcode.

This data is collected only to facilitate fixing crashing bugs.

Website Logging

Visits to the website are logged via Amazon AWS S3 Static Website hosting, and AWS CloudFront access records. These are the standard logging tools provided by AWS, and they are stored privately and confidentially in an S3 bucket.

I use the logs to create AWS CloudWatch alarms so that I can be alerted if the website, or some portion of it, becomes inaccessible to users.

Ads, Cookies, Javascript, and Trackers

Neither the website, nor the app, contain any ads, cookies, Javascript, or trackers (e.g. Google Analytics).