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Voices for Concentration & Relaxation

I love spoken word audio: podcasts, talk radio, narrations, and more. I primarily listen for enjoyment. There is a choice selection that I listen to when I need to focus on work or go to sleep. These are rare and difficult to discover. I collect and share them here.

The sources are unrelated but the recordings share similar properties:

The BBC Shipping Forecast

I love posh British accents. I am not a captain of a boat around the British Isles. Thus, the BBC’s maritime weather radio program is perfect for me.

Each report is not long. Someone has graciously compiled five hours worth of reports into a single video on YouTube. This stretches the limits of uninteresting, but it is truly sublime.

The Talk Show: Bond Anthology

The Talk Show is one of my favorite podcasts and I have been listening for over a decade. Dan Benjamin and John Gruber have two of my favorite speaking voices. I have no interest in James Bond. Thus, their 23-episode run of reviewing James Bond movies is perfect for me.

David Smith graciously put out a collection featuring only the James Bond segments from the episodes. I listen to these frequently.